THE FROZEN LEVIATHAN'S SECRET | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 8

I learned about the frozen leviathan and the secrets it holds in Subnautica Below Zero

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  1. Asha Stephenson

    Asha Stephenson

    Uur geleden

    I cant find Part 9, help please

  2. Brynmor Wixom

    Brynmor Wixom

    Uur geleden

    ;] fox e

  3. Kitter


    7 uur geleden

    I’m gonna call you spedicey or jack are you ok with that?

  4. The Catfather

    The Catfather

    17 uur geleden

    10:08 Heart Attack Warning.

  5. Flory Graef

    Flory Graef

    2 dagen geleden

    10:09 almost gave me a heart attack

  6. RayRay 1597

    RayRay 1597

    7 dagen geleden

    Wait they actually added one of TryHardNinja's songs 😯

  7. Runa ASMR

    Runa ASMR

    11 dagen geleden

    For the future gaming: the antidote is almost right next to a land beacon.

    • Kori Barbara

      Kori Barbara

      9 dagen geleden

      watchgirls18. com For the technology of that time, the spy pingling’s camera feed is shit

  8. zman 2004

    zman 2004

    12 dagen geleden

    Jack: there's not a lot of wonder left in subnautica Jack 5 seconds later: WOAH LOOK AT THIS COOL THING

  9. BEN 11

    BEN 11

    14 dagen geleden

    Haven’t been on his channel in a few years, I didn’t get my high five at the beginning unsubscribed

  10. Jennifer Stacey

    Jennifer Stacey

    15 dagen geleden

    angry jack didn't put this in official playlist

    • Jennifer Stacey

      Jennifer Stacey

      15 dagen geleden

      (shout out to urshy74)

  11. Envy


    15 dagen geleden

    what happened to the air high five that he does at the beginning of his videos

  12. Tanner Morris

    Tanner Morris

    16 dagen geleden

    Liked the old ending from the first game and the eye with the lit song.

  13. Ozzy


    16 dagen geleden

    what happened to this community? why's everyone so hostile all of a sudden??

  14. Kitty Pryde

    Kitty Pryde

    17 dagen geleden

    Man, those ice worms have the same energy as thresher maws in Mass Effect. _And they share a voice actress._

  15. James Dinius

    James Dinius

    21 dag geleden

    To everyone complaining about lack of exploration, I think that's somewhat the game's fault. OG Subnautica made it necessary to go almost everywhere for key upgrades or materials. I think you could ignore the floating islands and the jellyshroom caves but you'd be making life really hard on yourself and the game does nudge you towards them. The only area I find easily ignored is the Sand Dunes (nothing critical over there, and what is there is easier to get elsewhere) This game encourages a blitz path, and many blueprints and materials are just handed to you in easy to reach areas.

  16. RandomCraftykid 0

    RandomCraftykid 0

    21 dag geleden

    I know that tiktok its ooo popeyes biscuit AHHH

  17. Joseph Tamburello

    Joseph Tamburello

    25 dagen geleden

    i love this game

  18. violet schrader

    violet schrader

    29 dagen geleden

    I wonder if he kicks himself when he found out that he could have activated the warp gate while he was getting the tissue for Alan's body.

  19. Rebecca T

    Rebecca T

    29 dagen geleden

    Hey everyone who is making rude comments to jack about “not exploring every aspect of the game”, You realize you can get the game and do that yourself correct? Stop giving him so much shit all the time.

  20. The Truth

    The Truth

    29 dagen geleden

    Did people forget to 👍the video aka 👍=like

  21. unigaming and orange obsidian overlord

    unigaming and orange obsidian overlord

    Maand geleden

    Man JAck looks Fucking tired

  22. Ginga


    Maand geleden

    jetski for snow - snowmoblie

  23. kcskittles


    Maand geleden

    Jack just complaining there's nothing new in the iceberg was like, dude, look at your surroundings! That place was gorgeous! I think him playing the unfinished versions ruined his experience for the complete game cause he seems to be rushing.

  24. Carnifex


    Maand geleden

    Imagine putting a giant creature in a game, but not even making it do anything.

  25. Novus Talks

    Novus Talks

    Maand geleden

    That was so anticlimactic wtf. I expected the bacteria to be unleashed again by the leviathan and that way the franchise could continue. And Sam just died of an accident? That's so dumb

  26. SpooK


    Maand geleden


  27. TheSometimesShow


    Maand geleden

    Jack you should have built a base in the vent garden

  28. Orthus Games

    Orthus Games

    Maand geleden

    Honestly my headcannon is that at some point the frozen leviathan does break out (hopefully when your near enough to see it) and it somehow uses telepathy like the sea emperor to thank you for curing it and says it's in your debt and you become it's friend and with it's help you stick it sideways to Alterra abc then go to the Aurora crash site and absolutely murder all the reapers and ghosts there just for the cathartic experience of it. Also, hypothetically speaking, could you build a base in the vent garden? That would be badass if you could

  29. Shadow Ashe

    Shadow Ashe

    Maand geleden

    I wanted to see Jack run into a Gargantuan Leviathan

  30. tea lemon avocado is alive somehow?

    tea lemon avocado is alive somehow?

    Maand geleden


  31. Gijs van der Gracht

    Gijs van der Gracht

    Maand geleden

    Can someone explain to me why Jack has not seen a single iceworm? Having played SBZ myself, I was terrorised by the iceworms when raci g through the arctic with my snowfox.

  32. Leg1tEnergy


    Maand geleden

    25:06 I would make a base in there

  33. Het Mas

    Het Mas

    Maand geleden

    I got so motion sick playing this game the water was playing tricks on me, watching it is no better.

  34. Eleanor Weed

    Eleanor Weed

    Maand geleden

    Hi. Ive never really been a fan but ive always loved it when you showed up in some of my favorite lets players co-lab vids. My heart is with you and i cant believe people are treating you how they have been. You are a person who shines from within and people want to shield that light

  35. Rhianna Ocasio

    Rhianna Ocasio

    Maand geleden

    22:03-22:09 Excuse me? No.

  36. Charlotte Rice

    Charlotte Rice

    Maand geleden

    'nothing exciting happens' *gets jumpscared*

  37. Tamotsu Atoshi

    Tamotsu Atoshi

    Maand geleden

    lmao got my first scare from 10:12 XD

  38. Bed-ter Playz

    Bed-ter Playz

    Maand geleden

    Play MUCK

  39. Arielle Larosa

    Arielle Larosa

    Maand geleden

    Am i the only one who notice TryHardNinja's music?????

  40. Some Potato

    Some Potato

    Maand geleden

    did anyone else get a crap ton of adds? I got two within the first 30 seconds

  41. CandyDragon


    Maand geleden

    Hey Jack! Sorry to bother you, but (if you see this) could you add this and the ending to the playlist? Much appreciated from me and I assume other playlists binge watchers

  42. Jake101Lit#BrawlStars


    Maand geleden

    "Excuse you, Shut the fuck up" 🤣

    • Jake101Lit#BrawlStars


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  43. paul west

    paul west

    Maand geleden

    I used the snow fox after I finished the game just to have done it. Used the Prawn suit until then. Seems much slower than while BZ was in Alpha.

  44. Tijmen Jongens

    Tijmen Jongens

    Maand geleden

    Jack, it told you where to go as soon as you crossed the bridge. you just went the intire opposite direction

  45. Tijmen Jongens

    Tijmen Jongens

    Maand geleden

    31:17 go away! go away! go away! go away! *OOOOH THOSE ARE SOME BIG MOMMAS*

  46. Keiran 88

    Keiran 88

    Maand geleden

    Man jack looks tired

  47. Linda Wilhite

    Linda Wilhite

    Maand geleden

    Jack looks tired

  48. Adria Iman

    Adria Iman

    Maand geleden

    i love you

  49. VolvoxWeeb


    Maand geleden

    The Spy Pengling name should be Percy :P

  50. Robyn Mcclintic

    Robyn Mcclintic

    Maand geleden

    whenever he says robin I get nervous

  51. Umikaze Onika

    Umikaze Onika

    Maand geleden

    The creature egg: his name was Jack he only now exist in my mind

  52. Larisa Tabashova

    Larisa Tabashova

    Maand geleden

    32:29 Notice how it says Recycolotron instead of Recyclotron

  53. Ryan MacArthur

    Ryan MacArthur

    Maand geleden

    In case you're still confused about Sam's fate, she tried to blow up the entrance to the cave to keep out Alterra, but got caught in the blast

  54. Crystal St.John

    Crystal St.John

    Maand geleden

    If you see a dead dad comment on jack this is only for jack lovers

    • Crystal St.John

      Crystal St.John

      Maand geleden

      Dead dad comment that are mean are not allowed

  55. NumNums409


    Maand geleden

    I really wish they made the Leviathan come to life even if it was just a short cutscene of it breaking out of the ice and going into the ocean or something

  56. NumNums409


    Maand geleden

    I really want to get Subnautica but I’m not sure if I should get the original or if I should get Sub zero, what do you recommend?

  57. Gungah


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  58. XxAmmoXx


    Maand geleden


    • yer maw

      yer maw

      Maand geleden

      So edgy

    • Gourob Dev

      Gourob Dev

      Maand geleden

      You know what i'm gonna stalk you and actually find your ip

  59. Akeno Official OF

    Akeno Official OF

    Maand geleden

    Holy shite that scared the fuck out of me, I fell like that scared me more than you Jack gosh..... 10:08

  60. 渡辺みこの


    Maand geleden


  61. Patrick Montgomery

    Patrick Montgomery

    Maand geleden

    I love you jacksepticeye

  62. Chael Clark

    Chael Clark

    Maand geleden

    A horror game in a survival games clothing that’s somehow pg

  63. TCMayo23


    Maand geleden

    I wish he had as much fun as he did the first game. Just seemed like a walkthrough not a journey with jack.. he shoulda skipped the beta.. so he knew nothing about it. Idk. Just wish it was more enjoyable for him.



    2 maanden geleden

    Jack: Complains there would have been no way to find the body unless you explored every nook and cranny. That there should be markers or better way to find it. Me: Let's Alan tell me about every device to scan which in turn has him give a marker to exactly where every part is. Seriously Jack you need to learn the game better before you actually start complaining. Alsonthe snow area is done that way on purpose. If it was all clear skys and clearly marked paths the land part be done and over with to quickly.

  65. The gamer

    The gamer

    2 maanden geleden

    Jack: “Past Marguerites place” Also jack: *remembers spooky spider lady from RES7*

  66. Chillax_E


    2 maanden geleden

    40:18 nice editing, editor XD

  67. Plutoid Federal Navy

    Plutoid Federal Navy

    2 maanden geleden

    i can say it 10 times fast, ARCHITECT ARTIFACT

  68. Luke Robinson

    Luke Robinson

    2 maanden geleden

    If only he knew to use the map.

  69. Phantom Gamer

    Phantom Gamer

    2 maanden geleden

    Jack theres an update for the original subnautica and it has the gargantuan leviathan

  70. Myron LeBoeuf

    Myron LeBoeuf

    2 maanden geleden

    my playstation account got suspended for 30 days bc i accidentally sent a screenshot of something very innapropiate in my friend youtube_slats cvc rp group,will my stuff get reseted. can anyone please tell me?

  71. didl dwarf

    didl dwarf

    2 maanden geleden

    axolotl ?har

  72. Brendan Likes planes

    Brendan Likes planes

    2 maanden geleden

    Seàn: I wish these places gave me more cool things I can’t get anywhere else Also Seàn: 44:14 walking past the below zero cuddlefish equivalent

  73. jessica li

    jessica li

    2 maanden geleden

    I feel the game could of benefited from a few cutscenes, even if just at the end, though... yea.. often there isn't a cutscene to knowing an end, so definitely more somber note

  74. Eric TheBro

    Eric TheBro

    2 maanden geleden

    guys jack looks tired

  75. Ben Anomyse

    Ben Anomyse

    2 maanden geleden

    Jet ski that’s what it is

  76. Pengween


    2 maanden geleden

    I was gonna fall asleep like 4 hours ago but I feel into a deep hole of this series, send help

  77. Lord Dumpling

    Lord Dumpling

    2 maanden geleden

    Me: *sips water* Sean: I need to drink some water Me: oh •_•

  78. • møthÿ

    • møthÿ

    2 maanden geleden

    it's strange that he thought/thinks just because we cure the infection means the creature won't burst out i mean obviously it won't as far as i know because- ksjxjxhc pretty sure everyone would be talking about it and he would find out but just cause the infection is cured doesn't mean it couldn't come alive 🤨

  79. Shadow Bonbon

    Shadow Bonbon

    2 maanden geleden

    Hey, Ventees.

  80. Lone Wolf Gaming

    Lone Wolf Gaming

    2 maanden geleden

    "I'd say subnautica is the best survival game out there." That's definitely an extremely bold and I'd even say absurd claim. Sure subnautica is really cool looking and has a lot of really awesome stuff to see, but it's BARELY a survival game. Once you get set up and have renewable power and healing, it's nearly impossible to die and the "survival" just turns into exploration and base building. I don't think you can just straight up say a game is a survival game, much less the best one out there, if surviving is a literal cakewalk. Don't Starve Together is a great example of a game where you actually have to put in effort and TRY to survive, rather than just play a resource collecting simulator with cool graphics and giant monsters. If I were rating subnautica only off of it being a survival game, I'd say it's a terrible game, it's way too easy to not die. Subnautica is more of a story game, but unique in how you can just ignore the story and play however you want, I haven't seen any story-walls anywhere at least. I've clocked over 1450 hours in Don't Starve Together, as it's a survival game and I love survival games, but in subnautica I haven't even gotten to 100 hours. Subnautica definitely isn't a bad game, but it isn't a game that requires much skill or strategy, so I just couldn't find myself having enough interest to buy below zero. I wrote this cause I thought it was absolutely absurd and got really freaked out when you said that you think subnautica is the best survival game out there, like how many survival games have you played? Subnautica definitely isn't like any of them, cause it really isn't one. All it has are a bunch of elements that survival games have, but no real challenge in sustaining them. Your only threat is creatures attacking you now that you have farms growing all the food you could ever want, and getting water takes hardly any time or effort.

    • Lone Wolf Gaming

      Lone Wolf Gaming

      Maand geleden

      @queueuof I'm much too big brain to do that.

    • queueuof


      Maand geleden

      calm the hell down

    • Lone Wolf Gaming

      Lone Wolf Gaming

      2 maanden geleden

      It was at about 22:29 if you want a reference.

  81. heavy weather

    heavy weather

    2 maanden geleden

    Jack: Subnautica is the best survival game in my opinion Minecraft kids: *looks at knife intensively*

  82. Wings of pokemon

    Wings of pokemon

    2 maanden geleden

    I thought you scanned everything that’s massive but no not the black thing



    2 maanden geleden

    Love u Jack

  84. CountryMusicMann


    2 maanden geleden

    Jack, this was intended as a DLC to Subnautica, just sold separately. It wasn't meant to be a whole new sequel.

  85. Eleftherion


    2 maanden geleden

    I used the Snowfox once and decided I wasn't going to bother with it. I get that it's a hoverbike but ooooof is it difficult to control and the smallest little bumps take chunks of health. It could have been really nice but I didn't even bother to get any of the upgrade modules because it's so cumbersome.

  86. aluminyo


    2 maanden geleden

    48:04 sean already is balancing an item he made up on the spot

  87. Evan Kerwood

    Evan Kerwood

    2 maanden geleden

    40:17 got me laughing so hard

  88. Gordatados


    2 maanden geleden

    Jack, so you know, only 7 episodes are in Below Zero folder. You forgot to add the rest to it.

  89. Gabriella Mccoy

    Gabriella Mccoy

    2 maanden geleden

    Play ark

  90. Lilly’s Unicorn

    Lilly’s Unicorn

    2 maanden geleden

    Dear Sean, my brother Ethan really loves your videos and he watches all of them, its his birthday on the 29th of July, and i really dont know what to give him as a present. But then it hit me, i was wondering if u could please write him a happy birthday in the replies of this comments that would mean the world to me and him…he doesn’t know i am doing this but it would be amazing to see the look on his face, thanks so much… -Ashleigh

  91. Lilly’s Unicorn

    Lilly’s Unicorn

    2 maanden geleden

    Dear Sean, my brother Ethan really loves your videos and he watches all of them, its his birthday on the 29th of July, and i really dont know what to give him as a present. But then it hit me, i was wondering if u could please write him a happy birthday in the replies of this comments that would mean the world to me and him…he doesn’t know i am doing this but it would be amazing to see the look on his face, thanks so much… -Ashleigh

  92. Lilly’s Unicorn

    Lilly’s Unicorn

    2 maanden geleden

    Dear Sean, my brother Ethan really loves your videos and he watches all of them, its his birthday on the 29th of July, and i really dont know what to give him as a present. But then it hit me, i was wondering if u could please write him a happy birthday in the replies of this comments that would mean the world to me and him…he doesn’t know i am doing this but it would be amazing to see the look on his face, thanks so much… -Ashleigh

  93. Patrick drip

    Patrick drip

    2 maanden geleden

    Why does the leviathan look like a Axolotl on steroids

  94. iDuno


    2 maanden geleden

    15:20 couldn't you just store the remote inside the pengling until you need to use it?

  95. Sheryl Taylor

    Sheryl Taylor

    2 maanden geleden

    jack: i relay on youtube coments Everyone: *Dosint coment anymore* jack: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!l\

  96. FantasyAddict95


    2 maanden geleden

    regarding your sister's story, I think that it may have a little more based on her interaction with Maida. Maida told her to do more than just politely destroy the bacterium, she told her to blow the creature up too. I think that she was planting a bomb to destroy the cave in case the antidote wasn't effective, and Parvan found her and tried to stop her, or messed up and triggered it. Still have as of yet to see why everyone else is gone after they removed the debris from the entrance, saying they continued their efforts after the accident.

  97. Vampyre@Heart


    2 maanden geleden

    Damn near threw my phone at that snow stalker attack out of nowhere 🤣😳

  98. Helo Helo

    Helo Helo

    2 maanden geleden


  99. SilentSoul


    2 maanden geleden

    When you forget that Subnautica is also a horror game; 10:08

  100. Nedim Havić

    Nedim Havić

    2 maanden geleden

    They spin me right round baby right round